A cyclist riding in a bike lane.

Protected Bike Lane Safety for Cyclists and Drivers

Protected bike lanes are great for cyclists and make riding in the city a lot more enjoyable. However, there are some things cyclists and drivers should be aware of so that everyone can use them safely. Cyclists should be aware of becoming too comfortable riding in the protected lane. Bike lanes are narrow and it’s…

A homeowner does some repairs on his house.

Home Maintenance Safety

Being “Home” invokes images of shelter, comfort, security, safety, and refuge from the world around us. The legal maxim “A man’s home is his castle” has existed in the Common Law for more than 500 years, since a ruling of Chief Justice John Fineux of the Court of King’s Bench in 1505. It was intended…

A woman and her dog.

Legal Responsibilities of a Dog Owner

Canada is a nation of dog lovers. As of 2018, 41% of households in the country had a least one dog. We love them and treat them as members of our family. However, many people are often surprised to learn that they have significant legal responsibilities with respect to their beloved animals. In Ontario, those…

Two girls on a playground swingset.

Preventing Playground Injuries

It was recently announced by the Ontario Government that Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves will be slowly reopened to the public. With the incoming beautiful weather and loosened restrictions on recreation, families with children will be flocking to local and provincial parks and playgrounds to enjoy the sun and fresh air. With most outdoor activities…

Boys on horseback go for a summer ride.

Summer Activity Safety Tips

Summer is upon us! Many summer activities, such as horseback riding, boating, water skiing, and surfing are known as “inherently dangerous activities”. With social distancing guidelines gradually opening up, take a moment to consider these safety tips before diving into summer fun. Research the Facility Check online to see whether the facilities offering your favourite…

A man and a dog going for a walk in rural Ontario

Staying Safe in Rural Ontario

Living in rural Ontario is often times described as peaceful and idyllic. Far away from the bustle of city life, many families make their living in the province’s agricultural industry. In fact, Ontario boasts the largest number of farms nationwide with over 17,000 being located in our beautiful Southwestern countryside. However, with rural living comes…

A woman on a bike sharing the road with cars

Share the Road Safety Reminders

It is that time of year again, when the warmer weather brings many of us outdoors and onto our bikes. Whether you are an avid cyclist, someone who cycles for transportation, or someone who just likes to pedal around the neighbourhood to visit friends while physical distancing on the front lawn, cycling traffic definitely is…