car insurance to protect my family

Do I have enough car insurance to protect my family?

Car insurance used to be “one size fits all.” The government has changed this. The standard policy provisions have been reduced. The decision to get these benefits back is left up to you. Statistics show that less than 1% of consumers have purchased these now optional benefits. The amount payable in income replacement benefits by…

Avoid Collision

Are there any steps I can take to avoid a collision?

Sometimes accidents are caused by the failure of the other driver to abide by the rules of the road, and, unfortunately, there is not much you can do to ensure others are indeed following these rules. But there are some steps which can be taken that may reduce the chances of an accident happening. Making…

Case Summary Rodrigues v. Purtill

Case Summary Rodrigues v. Purtill 2018 ONSC 3102

Personal Injury lawyer Gordon Good provides a Case summary of Rodrigues v. Purtill released June 28, 2018. This decision holds that the law should be interpreted on the basis that “regular or usual employment” in ordinary parlance means that the injured mother’s regular or usual employment was for the position she had trained to return to work for and not as a mother who had taken a maternity leave. This is a significant change in the interpretation of this legislation. The Court recognized that the timeframe out of the workforce to raise a child should not decide entitlement to compensation.